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Hey everyone! My name is Angelina Morla and I am an interior design artist. From a young age I always felt intrigued by all facets of art. I would design my play dolls with unique outfits that I designed, I would love to paint abstracts at home and fully devote anytime possible to do any type of artistic project. I studied and graduated from Maria Auxiliadora. Upon finishing school, I studied marketing and publicity. Followed by an education of interior design at the Catholic University, Santiago de Guayaquil. I started to move towards projects that dealt with interior designs. One of my first contracts was to design the first “Sweet & Coffee” location, which is still located in “Mall del Sol” Guayaquil, Ecuador. Despite my achievements I always felt the desire to do different things along with a never-ending amount of prosperous inspirations and dreams. With this vision in mind I left Ecuador in search of other opportunities. It was then in the year 2002 that I traveled to Miami thinking everything would be easy however, that was not the case.

My first few years in Miami were difficult. My life changed drastically, and I began a career in the restaurant industry. In the meantime, my intentions were to take advantage of all the resources I had and study new material;this would strengthen the courses I took in Ecuador of art as well. In the year 2004 I enrolled into the Art Center held in the heart of South Beach to study printmaking. It was there that I met my professor Lazaro Amaral, with a tremendous artistic career, whom I had the opportunity to learn many techniques from. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I reencountered Lazaro Amaral, and he offered me to be a part of the prestigious worldwide event Art Basel.

I took advantage of the opportunity and set forth to create something different. Merging fashion and art with a simple outfit comprised of ponchos and scarves with Pop Art, converting them into an artistic piece. When I was approached with the opportunity to participate in Art Basal, I realized that my dreams were finally coming true. A-9 “Believe in Yourself…Be Yourself” (my brand) Is dedicated to all the dreamers who understand that aspirations can be realized. The amount of time does not matter as long as you never stop believing. Your moment will come.

In 2015 I created a new collection of espadrilles with my associate Karina Tama, also an Ecuadorian Nationalist. Beyond making a brand we wanted to convey confidence, positivity, courage, and willingness to believe in yourself. Moving forward, in 2017 launched a fashion clothing line inspired in the upcycle process.

interior design projects in Coral Gables ,Brickell,Coconut Grove , Parkland, Houston, TX, Ecuador etc,and commercial interior design, clothes, shoes, paintings, restaurants, etc. That’s me Angelina Morla Designer, creativity has no limits. Get to know a little bit about my world, my designs, and my dreams through my A-9 brand “Believe in Yourself… Be Yourself”. I am very grateful to God and many of life’s blessings. The most important thing is never to stop dreaming, the day I stop dreaming, is the day I died.

Angelina Morla Interior designer with more than 20 years of experience in Design and remodeling .

Angelina Morla Interior designer with more than 20 years of experience in Design and remodeling .